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ANPR CarCheck riconoscimento e registrazione automatizzati dei veicoli parcheggiati

APK ANPR CarCheck (olandese).

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ANPR CarCheck (olandese) è immenso, immenso carchecknl, mappe, navigazione, anpr, carcheck, la classificazione dei contenuti è per tutti (PEGI-3). Questa app è valutata 5 su 1 dagli utenti che utilizzano questa app. Per saperne di più sulla società/sviluppatore, visitare il sito Web di Imense che lo ha sviluppato. Le app com.imense.imenseCarCheckNL.apk possono essere scaricate e installate su dispositivi Android 7.0 e versioni successive. L'ultima versione di 2.10 disponibile per il download. Scarica l'app utilizzando il tuo browser preferito e fai clic su Installa per installare l'applicazione. Tieni presente che forniamo file APK di base e puri e velocità di download più elevate rispetto ad APK Mirror. L'APK dell'app è stato scaricato più di 0 volte nello store. Puoi anche scaricare l'APK com.imense.imenseCarCheckNL ed eseguirlo con i famosi emulatori Android.

ANPR CarCheck makes it easy to record and auomatically retrieve data about cars and other vehicles. Simply snap a picture of the vehicle registration plate and our ANPR/ALPR (automated number plate/license plate recognition) will quickly and accurately recognise and transcribe the registration code for you. You can then add details about each vehicle (such as name of owner or make/model) to a list. The next time you encounter that vehicle, ANPR CarCheck will recognise it and display all the details./n/nThe list of vehicles and associated details can be displayed, sorted in different ways, modified, and exported to other applications using the standard CSV (comma separated value) file format. Unlike other scanning apps, this one runs entirely on your Android device without needing a network, so there are NO data charges or network delays whatsoever, and the number plates and images you take do NOT have to be uploaded to any server./n/nAs well as handling poor and low lighting conditions, ANPR CarCheck also supports numerous formats of car, motorcycle, and heavy goods vehicle plates, including personalised and some international (non-Dutch) number plates./n/nLimitations:/nANPR CarCheck supports up to 150 vehicles in the database at any time. This version is optimised for Dutch vehicle registration plates, please contact us for information on other locales./nCustomers who require more advanced recognition or integration capabilities may wish to upgrade to one of our other ANPR and parking enforcement solutions. To enquire about professional deployment, volume licensing deals, international plate formats and other options, or to hear about the wide range of other image recognition solutions offered by Imense Ltd., please email [email protected] and visit our website./n/nUsage:/n(1) Hold your Android device horizontally, making sure the camera is not obscured. Try to line up the vehicle number plate such that it falls roughly within the green focusing rectangle./n(2) Tap the camera icon on the screen to take a picture of the number plate. ANPR CarCheck will analyse the image you took and recognise and display the registration code. The registration string will be displayed in green (high confidence), amber (medium confidence), or red (low confidence). You can simply hit 'return' to take the image again. There is also a button and settings option to make use of the flash or torch light (only effective at short distances)./n(3) If the vehicle is already in your database, then details are displayed. Otherwise simply click the 'Add to list' button to add details about a vehicle and add it to the database./n(4) To take a new image, simply press the 'back' button on your Android device./n(5) The name of the database CSV file can be configured via the 'Settings' menu. The file is stored on your SD card. To display or edit the list, tap the 'Lists...' button or choose 'Manage Lists'. The list of vehicle registration codes can be sorted and displayed using different criteria. 

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